TPK-EPO Proizvodnja d.o.o. is located in the industrial city zone Žitnjak. It is easy accesible for large trucks and special transports and connected with highways and rail to Adriatic port Rijeka and river port Vukovar on Danube river.

Production and service facilities

  • office building, three fully equiped workshops and total total 7.500 m2 production and assembly area incl. laser cutting workshop
  • sandblasting workshop and painting workshop…
  • warehouse for tubes, fittings and welding material, roofed storage for tubes and plates (total 2.520 m2), opened storage for products and equipment (8.400 m2)
  • light trucks, forklift, auto crane and scaffolds for workshop and site assembly
  • fully equiped QC department


References: Large dimension transport module


Transportation of components, Cooling stack, Zagreb-Vukovar (Danube river port)